Designing the SOP Automation and Mentor Assistance Flow

By Anmol Kumar


Problem Statement

Leap has completely digitized the journey of study abroad by helping students with education financing, cross-border fintech products, guidance on admission, visa, and test preparation. LeapScholar is a their product which focuses on application and admission guidance by connecting the study abroad aspirants with expert mentors.

This case study is particularly concerned with automating the entire SOP drafting and automation process. Presently the SOP process mostly happens offline and the student can upload their SOP and LOR documents and also initially get a sample SOP and LOR format. The rest of the feedback and interaction with the counsellor happens offline or on other channels (email, whatsapp, calls etc) as of now.

The problem statement to design an SOP flow experience for a student who is just beginning to write their SOP and would like to complete this process over the next 2-3 weeks. The student will be getting assistance in the form of feedback from an assigned counsellor through this process as well. This entire flow is particularly focused on mobile-first experience.


The Goal of this case study was to create an easy way for users to:

Ideation and Research

Since the Study Abroad admission season is currently underway with all the Language and Entrance exams being going on, it was the best oppotunity for me to reach out to my college friends to ask them about the difficulties that they are currently facing while drafting SOPs in particular. I texted a bunch of my friends on whatsapp to get their insights: