Making online classrooms easier for teachers and professors.

By Anmol Kumar

In this case study, I have explained the entire design process of a seamless classroom management app for school teachers and professors who usually struggle with difficult and confusing interfaces, feedback management, class statistics and have not been professionally trained for conducting classes in this format.



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❓Problem statement

We as Millenials and Gen-Z who have completely adapted to the online classroom experience during the Coronavirus Pandemic often seem to ignore the difficulties that our teachers are facing (both in schools and colleges).

While college professors often have tech and teaching assistant support for managing their online classes, school teachers often struggle with this task for which they have limited assistance. The major roadblock starts from even before starting teaching the students — The process of allocating students in different classrooms, scheduling, keeping an eye on statistics, and ability to share resources outside the classroom.

Because of a lack of training for virtually teaching the students, the entire experience for teachers becomes an anxious one**.** This app tries to solve these problems for them.

🔍 Research

To get specific insights into the pain points of the teachers, I divided them based on their technical proficiency and assistance resources.

Cohort 1: Low Technically-Proficient Teachers

A great source of information for the research on daily pain points for school teachers in this category was my mother and her school colleagues. They are all Delhi Government School Teachers of Nursery and Primary School classes (Nur to Class 5). When the pandemic hit, the teachers were asked to ramp up their efforts as private school teachers effectively 'seemed to do so'. They had seminars for training but still faced confusion in the absence of an easier solution.